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Guaranteed Job Placement

eStaarMax provides IT and Non-It Staffing support to many major clients and successfully closed many positions within the turnaround time, and that’s how we show our strength through aggression and clean work. We are leaders in the industry because we focus on excellence, continuous improvements and effective communication. We do not restrict ourselves in growing to the heights despite the exponential increase in the team and clients list.

Our team is developing and continues refining a process to assist us in working closely with our clients to determine their specific requirements, both technologically and culturally.

Excellence begins from within, which is why we have one of the most tenured teams than any recruiting firm in Chennai. Our management team and senior staff have worked together for years, focusing on exceeding your business needs.

100%job guarantee consultancy

Continuous improvement starts with constant education. We host monthly training courses, instructed by our staff and few more by guest instructors, in various technologies and methodologies of software development, infrastructure and project management. Managing the knowledge and behavioral gaps when working with clients and providing qualified candidates which measure our success rate.

Our team fosters an environment of rich communication and follow-through, working closely with our internal staff, at the same time keeping our clients updated on the progress of the work frequently. We believe that the seamless relationship with our clients is a strong reason for our success, which we have made it as a best practice. We ensure that our services are promising to both the clients and consultants and never down their expectations.

This passion extends to our community as well. The staff of the eStaarMax 100%job guarantee consultancy is encouraged to be active in a variety of philanthropic endeavors at a corporate level. Majority of our clients would be the Entrepreneurs in South India to bring in all resources and demands together that makes our community the better place.

eStaarMax supports some of the major clients for their Non IT requirements. Not just the quality and also we supply good number of quantity resources for the general job openings. eStaarMax is an emerging company in the domestic staffing sector engaged in the acquisition and successful integration of Indian staffing agencies.

eStaarMax is pursuing acquisition targets that place candidates in finance and accounting, administrative, engineering and IT jobs. As part of its highly targeted consolidation model, the Company not only brings experienced management with extensive staffing sector expertise, but a wealth of candidates and industry partners to effectively execute on various emerging opportunities within this growing sector of our economy.

staffing solution

Our expert and trained teams, bring you the best candidates suited to the culture of your organization. Our recruitment team develops and implements solutions for all problems related to HR solutions. All plans would appeal to your budget and they can be scaled up or down, based on your company requirements. Our expert team boasts of the largest network of temporary and permanent candidates to ensure your right candidate is just a click away.

Human Resources-Career

Recruitment & HR Staffing

Our flexible recruitment & HR staffing services are designed to fit your HR business needs. Our exclusive focus on Human Resource professionals, along with our fabulous recruiting experience, laid a solid foundation for success of our clients and HR professionals alike.

Whether you are looking for internal HR staff, or just need some assistance with a time consuming process, eStaarMax 100%job guarantee consultancy can help!


By partnering with eStaarMax, we will reduce employer-related risks, ensure you are compliant with state and central laws, contain HR costs, create tailored policies and reduce the administrative burden of managing the HR responsibilities. We can assist you in all matters HR at a cost that is budget mindful. We have programs that are affordable to all company sizes or we can customize a complete HR Outsource solution.

By choosing eStaarMax as your HR Partner, you can focus on what is most important―building your business!

payroll & benefits

Payroll & Benefits

With eStaarMax 100%job guarantee consultancy payroll and benefits, you are guaranteed to get the finest in personalized, responsive and reliable service and saves you time. It does not matter what type of business you have or how many employees you have; there is a complete selection of services customized to match your business requirements.

Who better to manage and administer your payroll and benefits, but HR professionals!

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