Simulation Mechanical is developed in such a way that simulates and analyzes the model that can be a built-to-last. In conjunction with Mechanical Event Simulation (MES), Autodesk Nastran FEA solver, multi-CAD format support and multi-physics simulations, cloud-solving options and compounds, Simulation Mechanical validates and optimizes the design using Vibrational Analysis tools.

An in-house design tool that had reduced the designing and engineering time while analyzing has made the engineers and designers comfortable to apply Simulation Mechanical in the design office to be productive. Autodesk Simulation Mechanical reduces the physical prototype by simplifying analysis complex structures, follow-up on machinery instruction and check the safe and reliability. The analysis carried out using Autodesk Simulation Mechanical determines the threshold of the model, like, displacement and the stress distribution, heat transfer, natural frequency and electrostatic analysis.

Earning the knowledge on Simulation Mechanical will lead to enormous opportunities in diverse industries under analyzing and researching industries.

What will I learn?

The study on Simulation Multi-Physics involves fluid forces, thermal effects, structural integrity and electromagnetic radiation, which has an impact on the performance of the product as well the industrial processes.

You will get ideas on finite-element analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

Using Simulation Multi-Physics/Mechanical you will know to simulate structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and build simulations of real-time applications.

Learn with the real-time examples and study the basics of fluid flow analysis, result evaluation and presentation, open channel flow, multi-physics, formulation options, porous media and transient mass transfer.

There are additional loading options in Simulation Multi-Physics. You will learn to verify and validate the simulation that includes checking to avoid manual calculations and will become an expert in analyzing and stimulating with an approach.

What will be my designation in industries?

  • Analyst
  • Project Engineer
  • Senior Design Engineer/ Junior Design Engineer
  • Draftsman