Learn Revit Architecture Course

Proceed Revit Architecture Course in Chennai, Revit Structure was developed to support BIM (Building Information Modeling) in ACE (Architecting, Constructing and Engineering (ACE) industries by binding all the tasks such as designing, stimulating, analyzing and prediction over the performance after establishing. Operational engineers and designers apply Autodesk Revit Structure to craft designs with accuracy and bring out the structured buildings effectively.

revit architecture training in chennai

Drafting the design and bringing out the digitally visualized building structures are simplified by Autodesk Revit Structure software tool. An application oriented design projects to understand the preliminary and formulated design & analysis and finalizing the end-product with construction documentation, Click Here for Revit Structure Course.

What will be outcome of Revit Structure?

You here ensure the stability, strength and rigidity of the structures, such that they resist to all applied loads. The load bearing members are concentrated in any structures such as beams and columns those share load with each other.

You analyze the configurations of basic structural components and calculate the pressure; stresses and strains for each and every component those are suppose to experience later and also consider the strength of the materials that are going to be used to build the structure.

You create complex 2D and 3D drawings and also rendering of structural components that includes framework, foundation, roofs and walls.

You create layout, gather the data, develop graphical image, and compare the structure status with the existing with a sketch of them.

Using Revit Structure you will perform computation, maintenance, documentation and generate the project reports

What will be my designation in the industry?

  • Structural Project Engineer
  • Senior Structural Engineer
  • Structural Design Engineer
  • Structural Designer
  • Structural Detailer
  • RCC Detailer
  • Structural Steel Detailer